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Two-Way Mobile



2-way-mobile-monticelloHigh Altitude offers 2 way Mobile Communications to those in the Four Corners area. We offer new and or used radio for sale, we offer complete installations of equipment purchased through us or other mediums. We can take care of programming any and all radios as wells as maintenance of Current or older systems. Others services that we offer are radio repair and diagnostics.

We offer with our repeater rentals the ability to have a phone patch system. This allows the user or renter to obtain a dial over his or hers radio in the most remote area where cell signal is for sure not to be found, and call out to any cell carrier or land line. This feature is great for the need to order parts or get hold of someone that would not normal have a 2 way radio in their vehicle. The other option would be that we can send a signal from the Peak into another apparatus that would allow a user to have a dial tone into there home and attached to a convectional home phone. This service is something that we have set up for a few customers that who prefer to live down into some of the most amazing canyons that are very unique to this area, which due to the geographic area, cell signal cant be obtained and the cost of running a phone line is out of the question. So for the price of a standard phone line, we can use modern day technology and send phone signal through the air via radio and be received by end user equipment at a much lower and affordable cost.

High Altitude offers cell phone boosters for Mobile solutions, Building Solutions, and M2M Solutions.

Mobile Solutions

Options are:  Wireless, Cradle, or Direct Connect




Serving Cache Valley
& the Surrounding Areas

Building Solutions

Options are: Small, Mid-sized, and Large areas.


M2M Solutions (Machine to Machine)

Options are: Laptops, Cellular Modems