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Special Event Communications



High Altitude is offering a service that is new to the San Juan and Grand County areas including Monticello and Moab! We are extending to these areas the service of Special Event Communications. This is a 2 part system. First, those organizations in the area that hold events are able to contact us and rent from us communications equipment like radios to meet their needs of running a successful event. Several events that are held in Grand County and San Juan counties have not previously had this necessity and the events have suffered. Now with this service, events can grow larger as information is passed along to the appropriate personnel in a timely fashion, and it now requires less individuals to perform the same job at a fraction of the time. The second aspect of this service is that we not only offer the equipment for rent, but we come out and set things up and are available for tech support. In addition, we can set up Repeater Extensions that extend the range of our radio network in order to meet the needs of larger events. Several of these larger events are held in or around the Moab, Utah area and actually require some sort of communications to be present in order to get permits from BLM and Forest Service as these events use state or federal lands.


High Altitude offers cell phone boosters for Mobile solutions, Building Solutions, and M2M Solutions.

Mobile Solutions

Options are:  Wireless, Cradle, or Direct Connect



Serving Cache Valley
& the Surrounding Areas

Building Solutions

Options are: Small, Mid-sized, and Large areas.


M2M Solutions (Machine to Machine)

Options are: Laptops, Cellular Modems