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Repeater Sites



trunking-icon-smOur Repeater systems that are located on top of Abajo Peak, Highest Peak on the Blue Mountains offers a great vantage point for radio communications. Our repeater reaches as far North as Wellington, Utah and South as far as the Black Mesa, which is South of Kayenta, AZ. West it reaches from the Henry Mountains and Lake Powell to as far East as Hesperus, Colorado. Our repeaters can be setup to transmit Voice or Data, which ever is needed to take care of our customers. We are currently using a 10 canister TX/RX Combiner system with one omni directional antenna with a dual split, 5 canisters each omni directional transmit pair. Abajo Peak reaches an elevation of 11,440 Ft with our building and towers located on the far south of the peak top, also being the highest lot. We have 3 guide wire towers, 2 of which are 75 Ft. and the third off the top or our building reaching 25 feet.


Conventional & Trunking Systems

Our repeater system is a conventional system with nine Kenwood TKR-850 UHF repeaters. Most of our system is setup for UHF use due to the geographic conditions of San Juan County. We are able to get better coverage with UHF than VHF with the ability that UHF has with getting into deeper canyons without the loss of performance. Abajo Peaks locations is unbeatable and therefore we are able to substitute the distance that one gets with VHF and in turn gain performance with UHFrepeater-rental-in-monticello when dealing with deeper and more canyons than usual.

In the near future, High Altitude Communications will be converting 7 of its 9 conventional repeater into a 6 channel
trunking system which will allow for a much larger customer base while maintaining confidentiality and privacy for its users. We will continue to offer a few options for conventional repeater in both UHF and VHF for those of who still needs those specific services.

On Top of the repeater space that we offer to our customers, we also offer a service to those who needs are simply to put their own equipment on the towers that we own. This is an option, but requires a lot more work done on the part of the customer. If the Customer has all that they need in order to do this we are willing and able to meet those needs as well.

High Altitude offers cell phone boosters for Mobile solutions, Building Solutions, and M2M Solutions.

Mobile Solutions

Options are:  Wireless, Cradle, or Direct Connect


Serving Cache Valley
& the Surrounding Areas

Building Solutions

Options are: Small, Mid-sized, and Large areas.


M2M Solutions (Machine to Machine)

Options are: Laptops, Cellular Modems