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Cell Phone Boosters



High Altitude Communications is dedicated to helping those who work in and around the Four Corners area with improved cell phone signal. As a business we understand the importance of staying connected, that is why we have teamed up with Wilson Electronics and have been certified as professional installers as well as resales of their amazing products.  We are proud to carry such great products, we are familiar with all their products from auto to structure type setups. We can install for both residential and or commercial. High Altitude Communications is dedicated to bringing the highest of standards when it comes to equipment and installation.
High Altitude offers cell phone boosters for Mobile solutions, Building Solutions, and M2M Solutions.

Mobile Solutions

Options are:  Wireless, Cradle, or Direct Connect

Building Solutions

Options are: Small, Mid-sized, and Large areas.


M2M Solutions (Machine to Machine)

Options are: Laptops, Cellular Modems



Serving Cache Valley
& the Surrounding Areas